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When a man moved to Lugu Lake and marry a local Mosuo lady

When a man moved to Lugu Lake and marry a local Mosuo lady

There are both Chinese and English subtitles for this video.

After the making of "Life In Hegang", I started a new series called Living in China, aiming to introduce more places in China with people's real stories to show how life has changed for them after the move. The project didn't go well as expected. We have encountered a lot of problems. I am still trying to find my own voice and finding the balance of independent filmmaking and group working style. We have now 3 pieces of videos ready and 1 full episode ready. A lot more are on the way.

Hegang's video got sensational because of the topic. So many people start to think about moving out of big cities. I got so many nice comments from you guys, and the views eventually surpasses the views on my bilibili channel. It is a huge encouragement to me that I want to focus more on YouTube now. Currently, this project is still in negotiation with video platforms in China and even TV stations. But I am not very hopeful on getting funds from them since the environment nowadays is quite bad. But your support will keep me motivated.

This is a pilot video. If you like it, please give me a thumb!

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